Laura V. Cruz Q.

PhD. candidate in Computer Science.

I am PhD. candidate in Computer Science in the Núcleo Interinstitucional de Linguística Computacional (NILC) at the University of Sao Paulo (USP). Currently, I am researching in the area of Natural Language Processing applying Graph-Based techniques for Authorship Recognition and Text Classification in general. Previously, I have specialized in Machine Learning techniques for Recommendation Systems and Sentiment Analysis.

Besides, I am also member of Brasileiras em PLN.

My areas of interest are: Natural Language Processing, Complex Networks and Machine Learning.

Contact me:


Interinstitutional Center for Computational Linguistics (NILC)

University of São Paulo (USP)

Avenida Trabalhador são-carlense, 400 - Centro, CEP: 13566-590 - São Carlos - SP

Phone: +55 (16) 3373-9628

Room: 1-104


lcruzq (at) usp (dot) br